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Tubbo- A customer experience you will not forget’

Create a unique cost effective atmosphere for your customers to enjoy food and drinks no matter the season. May be a restaurant, VIP area, cocktail bar, rooftop terrace.With the option to customize and decorate in different ways, you can adapt Tubbo to you own needs: Integrate with tables for an outdoor restaurant.Include sofas for a chill out VIP bar.Adapt ventilation units for smoking areas. Promote brands by printing the surface. Tubbo is a brand of Capotex Group, an international company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of modular terrace enclosures worldwide since 1996. Vision: The increase of pollution in cities that are more and more populated creates key factors to take into consideration, such as mobility and sustainability, terms that are becoming part of societies conscious in our modern lives. Tubbo was born with these issues in mind and it is our goal to improve modern life, upgrade businesses and hospitality. Street level or elevated walkways, will assist in a more efficient method of transportation, be it walking, cycling, through belt conveyors, etc. This system will allow a fluid and less contaminating method of managing motor traffic. It is our goal to provide our technology and experience to develop the [...]

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