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Restaurant Industry News speaks with newly appointed Executive Chef at 30 Euston Square: Michelle Trusselle

Firstly, congratulations on your new role, what inspired you to become a Chef?

Thank you. From a young age I have always loved food. I love the memories that it can create and the happiness it brings those who surround the table. My whole family are foodies and growing up family gatherings were often an exciting time as each family member would contribute a lovingly prepared dish. When I was about 13 and we were asked to think about what career we wanted to choose I knew that food had to be involved and ultimately I think it was my family’s love for food that helped to shape this!

What was MasterChef like for you, what was your favourite and your hardest challenge?

MasterChef was an experience to say the least. As much as I disliked it, I also loved being thrown into unfamiliar surroundings with equipment you’re not used to and cameras watching your every move. It really taught me how to work well under pressure and to adapt instantly to the kitchen in order to still produce the best quality food that you can. My favourite part would be seeing the positive reactions of the judges as I produced food close to my heart and in my own way. Being invited to come back on the second time to showcase my style of food definitely made it all worth it though!

The hardest challenge would be the invention tests. I am chef that likes to plan and then perfect a dish before serving it!

What is the cuisine focus at 30 Euston Square?

The focus at 30 Euston Square is to continue to produce great quality food. We work with great suppliers who provide us with excellent produce. We use seasonal ingredients and as a born and bred Londoner, the cultures within our city are naturally reflected within our menus.

Here at 30 Euston Square we cater to big numbers and I want to ensure that no matter the size of our clients function, each dish will visually show the care and attention that has gone into it by the chef.

Talk us through the current menu offerings..

30 Euston Square is a busy venue catering from very early breakfast meetings to late night celebrations. Our menus are balanced offering both nutritional and indulgent options to clients. A perfect example is our revamped breakfast offer giving clients the choice of either a healthy food bar or savoury delights and a mimosa station. In addition to the traditional working lunches our new themed interactive chefs stations and BBQ menus are guaranteed to entertain our guests.

What is your favourite dish and why?

As we have quite a few menus to choose from it’s a little difficult to pick just one. One of my favourites from our canapé menu would be our Whipped smoked cods roe, lemon gel, fennel cracker, nori & Espelette pepper however I’ve also been able to include food which represents my heritage. To our BBQ menu I have created an authentic Caribbean BBQ Menu which features Jerk Chicken, Smoked beef brisket marinaded in Grenadian island spices and of course rum punch!

Do you have a specific style of cooking you enjoy most?

I would have to say that keeping food flavoursome and enjoyable is the most important thing. We use a range of modern cooking techniques here to ensure that the flavour of our ingredients shine and we have skilled chefs to produce such food.

How important is it in your opinion, to create dishes that are authentic and sustainable?

Creating authentic dishes is 100% important to me. I love tasting food from various cultures and I always make it a personal point to have dishes as locals would, in the traditional way so that I can understand it. From there I may adapt the presentation or other elements but in terms of flavour, it has to taste like the real thing.

Our future relies on the collective effort we all put in and clients are very conscious of this and expect venues to write menus that take into account the impact on environment. Using seasonal ingredients to offset carbon emission and support our local producers is paramount to me. For example, it is our goal to substantially increase number the plant-base items by end of 2022 whilst at the same time ensuring flavour, substance and nutrition is delivered to our guests.

Is it vital to create new and exciting dishes that enhance the dining experience?

I believe that it is crucial to always look at ways to enhance our clients dining experience whether that be by the food itself, the ambience set or the service. We naturally create new and exciting dishes here as the season’s change. I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team here and we all contribute towards making our client experience even better. Whilst some may call it nit picking, we collectively look at things which could be improved so that at the end of it, our client will have a fantastic event with us.

Tell us in a few words, why people should come visit 30 Euston Square and what culinary delights await!

I honestly believe that I work with likeminded passionate individuals who really want to please our clients as much as possible. When hosting a corporate function it can be hard to find a venue that doesn’t see your event as just another event. We however have various meetings about each and every function we do, days before it goes ahead. We do this to make sure that we are all on the same page so that we can deliver exactly what they want, and more. My team of chefs truly care about what they serve and they put in effort to show you, through our food that we have created our food with your enjoyment in mind.

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