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Brewhouse & Kitchen launches new concept menu: build your own beer can chicken

Brewhouse & Kitchen are no stranger to shaking things up, from the very first site in 2013 that brought craft brewing into full view with an on-site microbrewery and range of unique beers. Now, as the days get longer and the temperature creeps upwards, the dining menu has been completely redesigned, bringing back a fan favourite… with a twist.

On 26th April, Brewhouse & Kitchen will release its brand-new Summer Menu full of delicious small plates, mains and desserts, all with carefully chosen beer pairings. However, the main star of this new menu is the return of the much-loved “beer can chicken”. The recipe has been updated and made fully customisable, from size to sauce to sides.

Beer Can Chicken

With chicken recently crowned as Britain’s favourite meat, Brewhouse & Kitchen has launched its exciting and adventurous “beer can chicken”. The signature beer infused dish is a one-of-a-kind experience meant for sharing with friends and family! Coated in a special dry rub and roasted over a can of Brewhouse & Kitchen American Pale Ale to keep the chicken tender and moist with a choice of three delicious sauces to choose from. It’s possible to order a quarter, half or a whole chicken, so no matter how hungry you’re feeling, Brewhouse & Kitchen has you covered. The sauces available are: garlic beer butter, bar-beer-que and a spicy sriracha & honey beer sauce and all of which are made using beer.

The chicken is served to guests alongside their chosen sauce in a beer can, so guests can pour as much or as little as they like on the chicken. As with the rest of the menu, Brewhouse & Kitchen recommend a suitable beer pairing and for the “beer can chicken”: an American Pale Ale, brewed right on-site goes perfectly.

The dish enables guests to choose from:

  • Size – There are 3 to choose from: quarter, half or whole
  • Sauce – There are 3 to choose from: garlic beer butter, bar-beer-que and spicy sriracha & honey beer
  • Sides – There are 12 sides to choose from, ranging from skin on fries to lemon & garlic broccoli to mac n’ cheese


Brewhouse & Kitchen has been focused on delivering outstanding experiences ever since its foundation in 2013. Not content with resting on their laurels, Brewhouse & Kitchen has continued to expand, evolve and improve their brewpub offering. This dish really encompasses the value of experience by placing the power in the hands of guests, building a dish that they, their friends, their family and their fellow diners can share together.

Brewhouse & Kitchen are focused on letting their guests take control and build their own dish as now, guests can create their perfect meal with an array of sides to choose from, including craft lager battered onion rings, Portuguese pea rice and corn cobs with chilli butter.

Other new dishes include moules frites cooked in rich house made wheat beer sauce and a passionfruit Eton mess with whipped cream and fruit coulis.

With 21 vegan and vegetarian dishes and the fact that a large number of beers that are brewed on site are vegan, there is an option for everyone, regardless of their preference.

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