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6 ways your guest wifi will help your restaurant make more money

Restaurants are always looking for ways to be more profitable. One of the best ways is offering guest wifi. From helping to generate valuable customer reviews, to driving a more efficient marketing strategy- wifi can boost the bottom line of any restaurant.

Read on for six ways to maximise the power of guest WiFi in your restaurant.

Wifi helps customers to find and choose your restaurant

One easy way to boost footfall in your restaurant is to offer and advertise free guest wifi. This will mean they’re more likely to choose you over a competitor in the first place.

It also makes it easier for them to tag your restaurant and use relevant hashtags in any uploaded videos or photos of your venue of food on social media – essential for supporting the changing way people search for restaurants.

Wifi makes it easy to ask for valuable restaurant reviews

Great reviews  on sites such as Tripadvisor, Yelp and Facebook are important drives of footfall — and paying guests – to your restaurant.

That’s because reviews are powerful forms of social proof. Put simply for your restaurant, customer reviews that show others visiting your restaurant will drive other guests to visit, and spend money with you.

Wifi makes getting reviews easy. You can either ask for an instant review once a guest logs off your wifi, or you can use their sign up email data to send them a direct link and reminder a few days later.

Reviews are essential for restaurant profitability, so make sure you’re proactive with a carefully implemented review program.

Quality user-generated content is made easier with wifi.

Most diners walking into your restaurant will be connected to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. They love to share their daily lives and experiences – and restaurants can capitalise on this for powerful marketing reach.

Wifi makes it super easy for your diners to upload great photos and videos of their food and restaurant experience. They’ll tag you, share your brand across their networks and help to encourage their followers to visit you too.

This user-generated content boosts brand awareness, customer engagement and profitability.

Restaurants can send guests upselling offers in real-time

Cross selling and upselling to boost profits is not a new restaurant strategy— wifi just makes it a lot easier. You’ve already done the hard work by getting them to visit you – now you need to maximise their profit potential.

Wifi allows you to analyse the data and behaviour of guests logged into your network in real-time. You’ll be able to send direct upselling and cross-selling offers directly to your guests.

Whether you want to push a special, offer some free drinks, or nudge a diner into the next spending bracket, this is powerful for profitability. You’ll be able to send targeted, personalised offers to every diner, making it much more likely they’ll respond –and spend– accordingly.

Guest wifi will drive an engaged email list for your restaurant

Email marketing is really effective for restaurants, allowing effective segmentation and targeting of every guest. But you need a quality email list — and wifi gives restaurants the tools to create a powerful one.

Email provided at log-in to the guest wifi network builds a quality subscriber list quickly. You can then send promotions and special offers designed to increase footfall and profitability, personalised based on customer behaviour or details such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Restaurants can create loyal, profitable customers with wifi

Your restaurant needs repeat visits. As well as spending more, loyal diners also act as vital brand ambassadors, sharing how great your restaurant is across their social networks.

Loyalty programs work for restaurants because they make guests feel appreciated, encouraging them to visit more and spend more when they do. Wifi data generates vital customer insight, allowing you to send personalised rewards to every diner. Whether a free side order or a money off coupon, tailoring the reward to each customer will make it much more effective.

To wrap up

Wifi is a powerful tool for every restaurant. Offering quality, consistent guest wifi will help to drive footfall as well as encourage repeat visits. It’s also a great tool to generate essential customer insight, driving profitability with tailored campaigns and rewards.

Writer Bio

Hannah Hambleton writes for Beambox. Beambox is a guest wifi provider, combining perfect wifi with an innovative marketing platform for lasting customer insight. Beambox works with venues including retailers, hotels and restaurants.

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