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Restaurant Industry News speaks with Head Bartender of The Wigmore, Bohdan Burkovetskyi all about the new cocktail menu!

Talk us through your journey into the industry, was becoming a Head Bartender something you always wanted to do?

I have been in the hospitality industry for ten years now. I was lucky to work on very cool projects at home, in Ukraine. As a bartender, bar manager, f&b manager,restaurant manager, and so on. I seem to have tried almost everything I could. However, in London, I decided to start over and focus on what brings me the most peace and satisfaction. It was always a bar. It is a great honor for me to gain such trust so quickly and to become the head of the bar. But this does not mean that I plan to stop. I am here to show that Ukrainians are talented, grateful, and sincere.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Hopefully, there is still more to come.

Who inspires you?

People who know what they want, but are always open to new experiences. People who have a taste and a desire to develop it. And people laughing out loud in a bar.

What is your signature cocktail?

We don’t want to see ourselves as a cocktail bar. First and foremost, the Wigmore is a pub. That’s why we want to identify ourselves through beer. And we seem to have found a great way, which is our hoptails. I can say without modesty – they are something new and definitely only ours.

My personal recommendation here is  ‘Churchill`s Cigar”. Cognac, port, smoky whisky with salted caramel guinness foam. Try it.

Talk us through the new cocktail menu

The new menu is a tribute to British cocktail culture. Both classic and modern. And of course, there is something new that should represent us, The Wigmore, as a pub that is not afraid to experiment.

Based on a classic cocktail, we tried to refresh them according to our taste. Sometimes to add something completely new, sometimes to change the profile of the usual drink, and sometimes just for fun.

Our main goal is to give our guests the opportunity to travel through their favorite drinks on a road they have never been before.

What was the inspiration behind the new menu?

When I first started working at the bar, I read a lot about cocktail culture and followed what was happening in the world. These roads always led to London. Outstanding bartenders, unsurpassed bars, and guests who are hard enough to surprise. It fascinated me then, and it still fascinates me now. I didn’t need to look for inspiration because I’ve lived with it for most of my bartending life. Therefore, there probably won’t be a better answer than just London. This city is my main inspiration.

Do you encourage people to try something new?

Constantly. However, in order to get anyone to try something new, you must first consistently gain their trust. It is not difficult to achieve this in a bar – try your favorite classic cocktail in our version, for example. To create something new, you need to respect the classics.

Do different cocktails complement different dishes on the menu?

Of course. Some couples are just made for each other. But it’s better to try it once than to hear it ten times.

How many different cocktails are there available at The Wigmore, what is your personal favorite and why?

12 cocktails and 5 of our gin and tonics. So you will have to visit us at least three times to try them all 😉

Southeastern Gimlet. Refined in its simplicity, takes you a thousand kilometers away, a couple of centuries back, but tastes best here and now in Wigmore, London.

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