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BB Foodservice offers top tips for operators to raise their game during Ramadan

BB Foodservice – the delivered foodservice arm of Bestway Wholesale, the UK’s largest independent wholesaler – is offering top tips for savvy operators to help them capitalise during Ramadan (5 May to 4 June 2019).

An increasingly affluent and diverse group of consumers, Muslims in Britain are contributing £31 billion to the economy each year, with a spending power of £21 billion1. With the Ramadan economy worth over £200 million there is a clear growing demand for specific Ramadan offerings from operators, with 78% of British Muslims saying they would be interested in retailers or brands who provided tailored Ramadan offerings to them1.

Salih Sheikh, head of marketing and digital, BB Foodservice said: The holy month of Ramadan presents restaurants, cafes and takeaway services with a massive opportunity to increase footfall and revenue. It’s now very common for Muslim families and friends to want to eat out and enjoy Iftar (the evening meal when Muslims traditionally break their fast each day) in a restaurant or cafe, so if operators can tap into the norms and traditions around Ramadan and create offerings to meet this demand, they may not only see increased profits during May and June, but gain new and loyal customers for the rest of the year.”

BB Foodservice has put together five top tips that operators can use to welcome more Muslim customers during Ramadan.


BB Foodservice’s top five tips

  • Serve an Iftar menu: Whatever cuisine you specialise in, serve a flexible, nutritious and thirst-quenching menu that offers healthy carbohydrates, natural sugars, vitamins and protein. A day of fasting also means no drinking, so provide hydration not only with your drinks, but via food such as salads and vegetables. Make sure you also have halal meat available.
  • Serve dates: Show your respect for tradition by beginning the evening meal with an offering of dates
  • Offer plenty of water: Surprisingly, Ramadan is a period known for weight gain. Water not only hydrates customers after a day of fasting, it can also help to avoid weight gain. Why not help to make the moment of breaking fast more special by offering a range of more innovative soft drinks and flavoured water options?
  • Join the month of giving: In the lead up to Eid ul-Fitr (the three-day celebration marking the end of Ramadan), Muslims buy gifts for family and friends, and also donate to charity over the month. Why not offer small gifts or menu items that include charitable donations to mark the tradition?
  • Get involved with local events: See what’s happening in your local area and how your business can get involved with local events and festivals throughout Ramadan



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