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International Beer Day 2019:

UK’s fastest growing SME brewpub Brewhouse & Kitchen explains why microbreweries have proved vital for the last decade of UK beer

45% of Britain’s beer-lovers are happy to pay more money for genuine craft beer

A quarter of Brits are more likely to visit a restaurant if it has a large selection of lagers

Brewhouse & Kitchen advises Brits on how to successfully pair food and beer to create a fine dining experience

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International Beer Day 2019 will see people all over the world take to their back gardens, local pubs, and breweries to celebrate every style of beer, ranging from from pilsners to pale ales. It seems that the popularity of craft beer continues to rise this summer as more of us Brits looking to try a range of different beers. A report by SIBA British Craft Beer Report 2019 revealed that 45% of Britain’s beer-lovers are happy to pay more money for genuine craft beer. Due to the extensive range of craft beers available across the UK, lagers, IPAs and stouts are becoming popular options to pair with food. Brewhouse & Kitchen – an independent pub chain taking the craft beer world by storm – has responded to consumer demand by introducing a large range of food and beer pairings to their offering, explains the ins-and-outs of craft beer and tips on ways you can successful pair your beer and food this summer.

What is a craft beer?

In the UK, there is currently no firm criteria on what makes a craft beer. However, most beers that are considered to be ‘craft’ are often made by smaller brewers who do not have a large scale of production. Sometimes, the beers are smaller and typically harder to get hold of than most of the mainstream brands.

How is craft beer made?

Just like any other mainstream beer, the key ingredients for brewing remain the same- water, yeast, malt and hops are all part of the craft beer process. The process of brewing often takes a lot of time, commitment and craft to ensure that brewers deliver the best quality possible and as a result, craft beer often produces fewer quantities than larger beer brands.

What is a microbrewery?

A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned.

What are the different types of craft beer?

There are many different types that currently exist – India Pale Ale, lager and pale ale are worth noting as they are popular drinks in the craft beer scene.
Should beer be paired with food?

Absolutely! There is such a huge range of craft beers available – all with varying smells, tastes and colours – that wine is no longer the only alcoholic beverage worth paring with a meal. Brewhouse & Kitchen have devised a list of food you should pair with your pint:

  • Light lagers: 
    • Spicy food such as curries go well with lighter lagers as they are so refreshing.  Burgers, salads and noodles also can be easily paired with lagers.
  • Wheat beers: 
    • As they can have a fruity taste, spicy food and fruity desserts are a good pairing with wheat beers
  • India pale ales (IPAs): 
    • IPAs often vary a lot in taste, however, steak, barbecue, and Mexican food are a good match with IPAs
  • Amber ales: 
    • For those who enjoy beers that are less sweet, try pairing an amber ale with either pizza, fried food or pork
  • Dark lagers: 
    • If you are looking for something hearty, drink a dark lager with a stew
  • Stouts: 
    • Due to a stout’s chocolatey flavouring, this can be paired with many different desserts 

Gail Bunn, Marketing Manager of Brewhouse & Kitchen:

“At Brewhouse & Kitchen we are really happy to see how craft beer continues to rise in popularity year on year and it is now being built into the core UK pub and restaurant offering. Beer and food pairings are gradually becoming just as sought after as a good wine pairing amongst Brits who are looking for a great dining experience. Now, it seems that there is a craft beer able to intensify the flavour of any dish. One of our favourite beer-food pairings at Brewhouse & Kitchen is a chocolate and cask ale fondue with a stout.”

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