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Thailand’s swanky Greyhound Cafe is coming to London

Its popular Bangkok counterpart is famed for its hip yet laid back style, and modern take on Thai food which includes red velvet waffles, Hainanese chicken and rice, and their popular  “complicated noodle”.

Veggies will be well catered for with a large vegetarian menu menu, while on the drinks front there’ll be Thai craft beers from Phuket’s Full Moon Brew Works, spirits (and a healthy cocktail list to match) plus coffee beans imported from the city of Chiang Rai.

The Greyhound, which has a whopping 17 bases not only in Thailand but also across Singapore, Hong Kong and China and beyond, originally opened as a men’s fashion store, and only later decided to start doing food. As a result, we’re being promised immaculately dressed waiters and a polished interior – always a plus.

“Although we are Thai at heart, the restaurant will be anything but a traditional Thai restaurant”, said owner Bhanu Inkawat. “ Just like in Bangkok, we mix traditional and international, street and couture, all fused together in a beautiful, chaotic way”.

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