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Brown rice sprout set to become the next superfood

Originating from Padua, where the Italian Association for Organic Farming was founded in the 70s, MozzaRisella, the plant-based vegan cheese alternative brand carries out the mission of finding what’s best for people and the nature.

The company has been revolutionising the theme of food and agriculture for over six years now through innovative ways of using the sprouts of brown rice grown by organic farming.  The unique farming process is followed by detailed monitoring of the sprouting, so it can maximise its nutritional power when it opens at its nutritional maximum of bioavailability. No extraction takes place, compared to the usual approach of extracting the starch from rice, which leads to the loss of 70 percent of its nutritional value.

Since its inception, rice has been one of the most popular foods consumed worldwide. However, rice is usually consumed white, losing considerable amount of its intrinsic nutritional value. So, once the company micronized the rice sprout, practically producing a drink out of it, they were in for a surprise.

They have found twenty amino acids, such as gamma-oryzanol or gamma-aminobutyric, as well as minerals, vitamins and proteins. Gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) is a neurotransmitter and this amino acid has a very specific function – it is practically a cell activator, giving the starter to the cells to reproduce themselves. What does that mean? The sprout is alive, and it multiplies the amino acids tenfold when it germinates (value 1 in white rice, value 10 in a rice sprout).

It’s practically giving the green light to the cells to reproduce, because it needs the cells that continue to reproduce themselves to structure its root and stem. When the seed germinates, the fibres triple, other elements quadruple and the gamma-aminobutyric multiplies tenfold.

MozzaRisella has turned this revolutionary source into a variety of products such as cheese, yoghurt and ice creams alternatives, keeping these amino acids in their products entirely. The rice cheese alternative, known for its melting qualities can be used on pizzas, instead of mozzarella, giving the opportunity for families who might have a lactose intolerant child. Today, hundreds of restaurants are using MozzaRisella, including chains Pizza Express, Zizzi’s or Ask Italian, as well as many canteens and schools.

By turning the sprout into everyday products, the company is making this superfood easily accessible and available to all. The company works with the mechanisms of the vitality of the sprout, following the same path that farmers have followed with milk, transforming it into cheese and yoghurts.

The brand is increasingly popular in Italy, Northern Europe, UK and US. There are many reasons why the products are rapidly gaining popularity – the fact that there are no animal products used, there is extreme respect for the environment and the agriculture, no use of lactose or gluten, just to name a few.

Cheese substitutes currently available on the market are made with modified starch, preservatives or colourings, but MozzaRisella are able to offer healthy products from organic farming, with all ingredients allowed by the regulation for organic farming and allergen free.

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